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To become a North American Leaders in delivering reliable state-of-the-art telecommunication connectivity network solutions that meet both client and jurisdiction requirements  

To provide modern connectivity solutions and services to better the quality and speed of connectivity across North American communities.  

The value of quality for GeocellCanada Inc lies in our ability to deliver reliable and uninterrupted communication services to our valued customers. We strive to ensure that voice and data transmission is clear, consistent, and secure, allowing individuals and businesses to stay connected without disruptions. A commitment to quality enables our company to build trust, retain customers, and foster long-term relationships in an increasingly interconnected world.

GeocellCanada Inc’s commitment to safety is evident in its rigorous adherence to Canadian industry standards and protocols to protect the safety of our field technicians and maintenance of our work sites. We invest in robust infrastructure and advanced technologies as well as rigorous training programs to mitigate risks. By prioritizing safety, the company ensures a secure environment for our teams and earns the trust of its customers by safeguarding their equipment and sites.

GeocellCanada Inc’s commitment to inclusivity is demonstrated through its proactive efforts to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workforce. We actively seeks to hire employees from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, ensuring a rich tapestry of ideas and experiences. By promoting a culture of inclusivity, the company cultivates a collaborative environment where all field team members feel valued, empowered, and encouraged to contribute their unique strengths towards achieving our goals.

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What We Do

5G Wireless Network Uplift


GeocellCanada Inc is actively engaged in the planning, deployment and testing for the installation and upgrading required to roll out 5G Wireless Technology by Canadian carriers on their expanding networks.  

Technical Services & Maintenance


GeocellCanada Inc is prepared for any maintenance or repair issue, at any site, in any weather. Our field technician teams are fully equipped with installation, rigging, and testing equipment and can access our clients site’s in any condition.  

Professional Services


GeocellCanada Inc use proprietary in-house software to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the quality that our customers know they can expect from us. We offer a suite of Project Management and Coordination..

Network Optimization

NW Optimization Services – 5G Networks, & LTE Networks & Full Range Cellular Network Maintenance

Network Deployment

Quality Network Roll Out, LTE Network, 5G Upgrade and Swap, Sustainable Deployment

Drive Test Services

Drive Testing End-to-End Installation, Testing Services, Quality Delivery & Testing

Our Teams

One of GeocellCanada Inc’s key pillars is our commitment to our field technician team’s training which meets Canadian Industry safety standards. It is paramount in ensuring the well-being of our employees and the public. We invest in comprehensive training programs that educate technicians on industry regulations, safety protocols, and best practices to minimize risks and hazards. By prioritizing rigorous training, the company demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a safe working environment and delivering reliable services to customers across Canada. 

GeocellCanada Inc Innovation

GeocellCanada Inc is actively focused on the deployment planning and technology testing for the installation and upgrading required to roll out 5G wireless technology by Canadian service providers on their networks in the years to come. 


Projects Done

3+ Provinces

Active Provinces We Are Working In ON, MB, BC.


Specialized Teams Keeping You Connected


Having provided services throughout the GTA and across Ontario, we're experts in delivering to clients who have high standards for safety, quality, and commitment.


Expanding throughout British Columbia, our team is connected through the diverse hub of Vancouver and continues to connect it to stretch across Canada through reliability.


Situated in the middle of Canada, our team has been able to create a hub in Manitoba, delivering services within the province to further help it grow, connect, adapt, and lead successfully.
Our Work

Latest Projects

Our Workforce


An Inclusive Environment
At GeocellCanada Inc, one of our core principals in the work environment is a high emphasis on inclusivity, we make sure to bring this culture into our office to ensure a sense of belonging and value within our company


The Teams Capability
GeocellCanada Inc ensures that it is capable of handing client projects by introducing bespoke solutions when taking on a new project or upgrading an old one, we are capable as a team and a company to ensure success for our clients and community


Our Diverse Workforce
Priding ourselves on our accomplishment internally due to our unique and diversity within the company, GeocellCanada Inc has employees from countries all over the world with over 10 different nationalities and over 5 different languages spoken


Our Safe Approach
GeocellCanada Inc always places an emphasis on employee safety when approaching client projects. GeoCell is CN Rail Certified, CPR Red Cross Certified, Working at Heights Safety Training Certified.

Work With Us

Take your career to new heights, GeocellCanada Inc is actively hiring in for our ON Fleet.

Where To Find Us

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Head Office

1040 Jayson Ct,
Mississauga, ON
L4W 2V5

Burlington Office

1396 Guelph Line,
Burlington, ON
L7P 4X3

Manitoba Office

11 Sabrina Way, Unit 4
Headingly, MB
R4H 1B8

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